FREEDOM IS AN EXQUISITE includes the Fire of Truth burning away what is no longer needed and requires your participation and attendance
--ready or not. Have you noticed? 

Are you a frustrated seeker? 

Are you caught in your head trying to figure out your life, or what awakening is? Is your life caught between your head desires and your heart? 

Have you declared your desire for freedom, and  said your 'Ejaculate YES' to the DIVINE yet? I did and it has transformed this life, into a garden that I never would have imagined.

My name is Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons. I am at your service to support you on your awakening journey. It is the most exciting, scary, delicious, stubborn-producing, exasperating, amazing, freeing, terrifying, yet thrilling ride of a lifetime. The necessity to 'face ourselves' regardless of what we see in the mirror, or know in our own heart, or are afraid to essential for the Divine to see the target on our heart and find us. It includes everything, and yet nothing, which is the living paradox within which true freedom  resides.

The by-product of this deep honesty is  clarity, expansive heart wisdom,  your return to love, enlightenment, eventually awakening to your True Nature, and opening to more expansion and love.

My devotion is to Truth, to living an awakened life, lived from love, awareness and compassion.   

Truth is not a popularity contest...if you are serious about freedom, I will serve you well.  I am not for the masses, nor seek to be.  I welcome all whose hearts burn with the inexplicible fire raging within, to be free.

This is a spiritual life, regardless of what business, relationship, or life situation we find ourselves wrestling with, and we, as human beings are awakening to our nature through this life experience. Waking up to what is actually true, away from the dream of this limited mind, and all of those 'life circumstances' or traumatic events, is truly the greatest adventure that exists in human life...the road less traveled is an understatement. 

It doesn't diminish life experiences, but in Truth, what do they truly have to do with YOU...the essence of who you truly are...without all of the trappings, and spiritual materialism, your thoughts, and accomplishments? 

Who are you regardless of, with or without who you believe yourself to be?  We bow to our mind, rather than to the Lord of Love...our very Nature. 

Love is all there is, and it is our journey to come home, and truly return to and remain in love.

Do you want to finally 'stop'? Are you in conflict between your head and heart? This is how I can be of service to stop, and to merge into your own heart of love.


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I am blessed to serve your desire for freedom, and will continue to offer myself and my heart to you, to return Home.

Jeannie ‘Viveka’ Fitzsimmons Rev, CNVI, LCT is Founder of offering releasing from the heart and Heart Wisdom Seminars. She has worked as a spiritual mentor and guide for liberation and freedom for nearly 30 years. As a Licensed Releasing Core Instructor having worked with Lester Levenson and Virginia Lloyd for a dozen years, she is continuing the original and elegant simplicity releasing work of Virginia Lloyd…who developed all Sedona releasing courses, taught, and trained teachers for nearly 20 years at the Sedona Institute. 

Jeannie/Viveka is a transformational facilitator with a focus on self-inquiry, and relaxation into one’s True Nature of Love. She has studied and traveled with several master teachers around the world, lived in mystery schools, and in India, and is devoted to Truth. A lover of Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, Jesus, the Christ, and Nisargadatta and many others, her work is from the heart of love. She is also a Certified holistic practitioner of several energetic healing modalities as well as producer of neuro-acoustic healing music for transformation through sound. 

She has traveled in many parts of the world, took a health sabbatical and is a cancer survivor, and is now returning to offering both beginning and advance retreats, events, and mentoring. Her retreats are small, deep, focused and intense, and she has been called ‘the spiritual samurai’ or ‘angel with a sword’. 

The name Viveka, was given to her by Adyashanti, a Zen teacher in the Bay Area, and has the meaning of ‘the crown jewel of wisdom…discrimination between what is true from false, and the real from the unreal’.  Adyashanti spoke of Viveka as a ‘thunderbolt, like him’, and in her retreats, this is often proven to be true…to support others in their lasting happiness and Self-recognition. 

Soft, sharp, humorous, direct, wise, and sweet…the blend of these qualities provides a unique journey for those on the path of awakening. and 
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The Journey to Love--to Inner peace, to relax into true satisfaction 
                comes from within: