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Introducing what I offer for your freedom

PREVIEW CALL Number 2: Powerfully Focused Call--what to expect!

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My last conversation with Lester
in his office in Phoenix:
My last conversation with Lester Levenson...and more,
is here for you on this spontaneous ' short audio note'.
above...just click on it to listen.  Note: Please turn up your
speakers for I realized I didn't make this one with my headset,
so it is a bit lower in volume.

    I have had a few inquiries since I have invited people to come
to the 30 Days of Self Love Event beginning each month. and I was
asked this by a  'new releaser':

    'If I am teaching 'releasing', people also wonder why I am not on websites, forums and more importantly...talking a lot about Lester. I rarely, if ever, mention him on my new website. Here is some insight as to why this is so.

    First: there are plenty of people doing that service, and I have chosen not to either have my own Forum, or be active on those others out there.  I am on the computer enough:) and my work is done in person. I am responding in a short audio for you below to clear up any confusion. This one email and question about this and about 'Lester's Method' as people call releasing, I want to respond to, for it is about Lester Levenson and my time with him, as well as some insight into how I am teaching, and why, and a last conversation that I had with him toward the end of his life.

    It is direct and possibly challenging to some, however I always speak from my own 'direct experience', in a way that I feel will serve your desire for True freedom.

    My love for these beloved reflections and souls is Eternal  yet they are also part of this dream yet I am not 'hung up' on anyone outside of my own Nature...and they are all That.

    There still seems to be some curiosity, about what I am teaching, so I thought this short audio would help you in some way. The question to me from a 'new releaser, who had never heard of me, and my response is relevant because you are sincere as a seeker, and because those who are on the True Path of Self-Realization, and who love Truth...may receive some benefit from this unexpected BONUS 35 minute audio note.

     If you are familiar with Lester et al, fine, but if not...this will have a teaching beyond any attachment to a teacher or teaching. regardless. Sacred Cows die hard in our lives.

    "All is well, and everything is unfolding as it should", as Sri Robert Adams would say.

    Sincere hearts always receive a response from me directly.

   This audio is about attachment and aversion and holding onto 'sacred cows' as our strategy to make sure we are not free. True freedom doesn't need defending, or proselytizing, or attacking, for that is simply fear in our mind, but our attachment to our 'sacred cow' is what we defend or have emotional reactions about.

    I think you will enjoy it, as well as understand the depth of my intention to serve you, during this coming month and in whatever work you are doing.

Love and Blessings,

Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons

Retreat Dates coming very soon....see you on the calls.

Thank you for being a part of my global community of awakening hearts...dedicated to Truth, and Consciousness Rising Into
Awareness and Oneness.

   Gifts come in many packages in our lives, and often 'just in the nick of time' I hope you will join me on Sunday or Monday night for my FREE PREVIEW Letting Go Calls about my month long gift for you.
     It is a 'come when you can'month long event...
whatever number of days you can come, it will benefit your life and well being...
30 Days to Self Love, Clarity,
Happiness and Surrender.

Dear Jeannie:
Thank you for a great call last night and also answering my question.

Brought me back to the 18th chapter of the Bhagwat Gita where Arjuna and Krishna are ridding in the Chariot and the analogy that was told to us as children was that the 5 horses pulling the Chariot were your 5 senses and Arjuna represented the Mind/Ego and Krishna was Beingness.

The question we were asked was are you going to let the horses run around wild and create a bumpy and troublesome ride or are you going to take hold of the reins and drive the Chariot and eventually merge with Krishna who opens his mouth and shows Arjuna the world/universe within him and states that he and Arjuna are ONE.

Your message/explanation last night clearly showed me this as to how  I have been allowing my "senses" to take me on a wild and trouble some journey to this day.

What an opening into the Heart Wisdom!

In Gratitude for all that you do and represent.


This 30 DAYS OF SELF-LOVE is a Personalized, Private Mentoring MONTH and Spiritual Guidance Call devoted to your own Enlightenment and Awakening for only $129.00--yes one STARBUCKS a day less for 30 days:)

You can be brand new on your journey to enlightening and awakening, or you can be a person who has 'done it all traveled the world with masters'...if there is still something bothering you, and between YOU and your True Self and Happiness that is Within...these calls and this yearly eventis for YOU:)


Dear Jeannie:
Words cannot express my deepest gratitude for the Tranquility and the Peace that has remained with me since my personal call with you
In the most simplistic loving gentle way you guided me to my own intuition for the answers to my "problems" and the "beingness" has since prevailed and I am truly in gratitude for your wonderful Presence in my life.  I am really looking forward to your new series that you are going to start on April 15, 2010.

In Gratitude   Namaste


I make it as affordable as I can to have YOU attend as much as you can in your busy schedule, and still have a low price to participate. Those who come for the full month--well more of their happiness will simply ooze out of them!:

30 Days of Self-Love, Clarity, & Surrender
Presented by
Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons

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They will thank you from the heart.
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Love Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons CNVI, LCT, Rev.
Founder of Awakened Heart(tm)

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