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Jeannie ‘Viveka’ Fitzsimmons, CNVI, LCT Rev   Founder of            
3-DAY Mini-Retreat devoted to Surrender.

As a long time transformation teacher/trainer and  licensed releasing instructor, I am delighted to return  to Southern California with my retreats.  Having spent several years teaching and facilitating retreats in the Bay Area, Ventura, CA, and in Sedona, AZ, I have recently
relocated to  Nashville, TN for a few months, before heading back to California.  Retreats, however, may be in other areas of the country...Florida, Georgia, Texas, or Tennessee

A PEEK AT THE DATES?  I am  off on the  Sweet Surrender Cross-Country Tour around the US! I am working by phone with students and clients for the time being...exclusively. If you would like to have an initial letting go consultation, please call meat 310-220-5088. Have a blissful few months. See you in the SPRING!

New Events to be announced later in the Summer....Traveling Adventure is NOW!
All retreats are registered with Jeannie, Personally. 

Since ‘the secret is surrender’, I guide and assist you to open your heart to this essential skill…one of allowing yourself to fall into the flow. For more background you can see history, my journey, my teachers, and much more, like FREE calls, etc. on for this is the branding I have for teaching the Sedona Releasing work.

Even though I have been a teacher for over 26 years, using and sharing the skill of releasing—launching this work into the LA area in 1980 for its founders, there are many who have not met me in the Southern California area. I also have developed my way of working which goes right to ‘the heart of the matter’.

I meet people every day who would like to learn ‘how to let go’ of the stressors of life…those that are preventing you from handling life situations, transitions, break-ups, financial stress and strain…or simply reinventing your lives anew…this is my specialty. 

Women are especially re-emerging and looking for self-empowerment skills as they step into more of their power and expression of their gifts.  As a cancer survivor from this past year and now completely well, I also have health and wellness and physical health solutions as a focus of my work.

INTRODUCTORY 3-DAY Intensive Powerful Mini-Retreats:
During these introductory 3-Day Mini-Retreat Events…limited to 10-12 participants you can kick-start your life, in a way that you may not have done in the past. It is intimate, purposely small size, personalized, and transformative…for it is to help all who arrive, leave with more clarity, self-love, ease of being, and lightness of Spirit and Heart.

All days and workshops run from 10 AM to 8 PM with 2 meal breaks…and motels are only about 5 minutes away. You can attend any or all of those listed below. 

Please contact me ASAP after you have checked dates below that work with your schedule and RESERVE YOUR SPACE. This is inside work, and done through introspection, truth-telling and uses your own heart’s wisdom.

The ART OF SURRENDER is natural, and unfolds with ease and grace. This is what becomes more ignited…the simplicity of love and allowing.

TIME SCHEDULE for Intensive
Transformational WEEKENDS:
Friday, Saturday and Sunday…10 AM-8 PM, and closing on Sunday at 6 PM for evening travel for more local participants. 

Note: Please RSVP for your space immediately. You can attend more than one if you wish for each one you attend allows you to dive deeper, and expand more into your loving nature—leaving you with more clarity and ease of surrendering.

Remember: Due to the initial space, I am holding limited registrations--10-12 retreat participants only for these 3 events: private, intense, and personalized.

Here are the date again:
SPRING DATES To be Announced!  Enjoy!

WHERE IS IT TO BE HELD?  To Be Determined in Spring!

My Seasonal Transformation Events...                       
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
PLUS Holiday for your Heart...(below)

Beginning Saturday Late Afternoon...and Arrive at around 4 PM to settle in, have some tea and relax.  August dates had to be changed to September due to a large one-time
only family reunion in New Mexico. I will announce the September dates soon.

Welcome and Dinner at 6 PM…we begin promptly at 7 PM. The daily schedule is 10 AM to 7 PM.

FALL EVENT!!!   7-Day Transformational Bootcamp FEE...
The Investment for this 7-Day Transformational Event has a range from $979-$ 1179.00 per person, based upon a sliding scale. I will have 2 partial Scholarships for those who come from other countries to attend…as each retreat there are people who come from Japan, Australia, and beyond. *Those who will be able to attend on Partial Scholarship, and make that financial commitment to come still pay half price—or $640.00 for the retreat. Limited to 15 participants and FULL PAYMENT is due 2 Week PRIOR to the beginning of the Event.

Regardless of your spiritual or religious background and who you may have studied with…this will be a compatible experience. I am in the moment with each of you!

Although I am a seasoned master trainer, and spritual teacher  there is no hierarchical rigidity here. All are equal and loving being…simply wishing to flow more freely from love…our Divine Nature. One retreat had individuals from 7 different Spiritual Masters. All are ONE, and this work causes more ‘oneness’ to simply occur.  I often have very 'advanced' teachers, students, seminars leaders, and trainers come to my workshops, weekend and retreats. This is and open hand and heart...welcoming you for more of your clarity and surrender, regardless of your background, skills or experience.

These 7-Day or 12-Day Transformational Retreat Event...are my powerful, transformative, and life-changing Experiences…those I have offered for many years, primarily in Sedona, Colorado, Austin, or San Jose. People fly in from around the corner and around the world and, again, I keep this small, intimate, and personalized.


Transformational Holiday 7-Day Event to bring in the
2012 New Year with LOVE!

It truly is a HOLIDAY FOR YOUR HEART and is:
*a powerful way to resolve and surrender the issues from the past year
*see what is still ingering, tugging at your in relationships
*hold yourself accountable, responsible and forgiveness for your unmet expectations
*renew yourself, from a place of openness, allowing, possibility, and Divine Feminine Power
*surrender what has come before during the year and set it all down,
*clean your 'inner slate', surrender it with love 
*break through the fears of what the future may hold for you
*open to the new
*embrace the unknown with joy and happy anticipation
*begin the New Year fresh, clear, open-hearted, wiser, and with a clean slate!  

For over 20 years I have spent this year's end period between the day after Christmas and through early January in retreat. Once I began to offer them, over 10 years ago, I found myself looking forward to that special time of year for reflection, renewal, release, and rejoicing. To come into the New Year with a clean heart, clean slate, and open arms of love, is a way for the whole to also bu uplifted. Our spirits are renewed, the old is set down, and our eyes are held upward to a higher way of viewing ourselves, others, and our future. 

Begins late afternoon of December 26th-January 3rd, 2011--location to be determined later in the year...

So, if you would like to attend are welcome to 'put it on your calendar'. 
Location will be determined based upon registrations… somewhere in this Santa Barbara/Ojai/Ventura area.

So this is the NEWS from my heart to yours…for my
UPCOMING RETREAT announcements.

I hope you listened to the Preview Calls, for how I approach, guide, and teach are quite evident there for you to hear and feel. If you resonate with me, and my heart-to-heart communication with you, in how I write, share, and speak…then we are a good match and fit.

Let me know if you have any questions, too.  I offer FREE 15 minute phone consultations to connect with me.  Releasing from the heart is my approach for this is the way to move FROM the head,  TO the heart and LIVE from right HERE....

Many Blessings, and Namaste,
Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons


Your Awareness Awakened is That Power of Oneness You Already Are