We are all the DIVINE HEART and the
                     BELOVED. You Are THAT!                                    Click: TRUST  Call REPLAY LINK:

Once people begin to truly surrender, let go of whatever is between them and their True Self...that which is only Love...hearts break wide open, love radiates, and one's own identification becomes Oneness Awakened.  Everyone wants TO love and BE loved. All people are the same. Although I give talks in larger venues, I teach only in small ones, for the deeper and more transformative work that is personalized.

Here are a few comments from my students and clients, so you can 'feel' into whether or not coming to my retreats, events, or private sessions may be a next step for you and your awakening heart.  It is my joy to serve your desire for freedom and to assist you in realizing the Self--Awareness awakening to Itself and the rebirth of the Divine
Feminine..regardless of your gender.

I will share four or five of these testimonials with you which I feel represent what the intention of my work is for your liberation.  Enjoy.


GOD IS WAITING FOR US...not the other way around:)
I had so much resistance ,tightness in my chest for years, I started working on it, and this morning as I was undoing some more stuff, my last releasing question was...one you guided me with on the 30 DAY EVENT, and I never would have thought to ask it in that way..well  I answered yes, and two seconds later I heard " Hi God!"
Wow, I was keeping God away from me! Another insight I had on how to keep asking the right questions is to listen to what the mind says, and say" thank you mind for showing me how negative you are ,you are dismissed!"    What an old habit!
FL, New York              

April 28th
Knowlege and study has turned into acknowlegment and true wisdom...
I have done spiritual studies for over 30 years, have been trained as a healer, and hypnotherapist and more, yet, until I worked with you, I didn’t really understand or let myself actually acknowlege my own 'knowing' and experience. You make things so very clear and with such a loving energy and intent for all of us to really ‘hear’ what is true from within.  My self-love ability, and care for myself has blossomed 10-fold and I didn’t have any idea I had ‘gone pretty dormant’ on myself. Now my life is more fun, I enjoy people, I am coming out more, and willing to truly trust that ‘wise’ woman that is beyond this scared ego. I truly am a ‘bride of the Divine’ and want only to be true to who and what I Am. 
DD LA Area

Life Changes, and MOVING ON with Greater Ease--No Fear of the Future:
Hi Jeannie,

I am grateful for an increasing feeling of freedom with releasing as I listen to and participate in the calls.  I have come to a big decision of letting go of this house and with that decision comes a feeling of release.  This is a something I've been thinking about but kept thinking of the many details that needed to be worked out.  I feel that now I am ready and have spoken to a realtor today.  I continue to have temptations of getting stuck with various ideas that present to my thoughts but I am truly able to let go before I get too far off base.  I am releasing enough to detach from the outcome to know that I feel safe with the knowledge that what will unfold will be exactly unfolding in the perfect timing and perfect monies that will allow me to move forward to new life adventures.

I am appreciating this opportunity of trusting the gentle voice within and learning to distinguish from thoughts that are just that....thoughts that can be let go.

Thank you, Barbara B
PS: I don't have a way of stating a single huge gain....just many small ones....not the least of which is an increasing feeling of calm as I move into what could be frightening territory.

Shifting from the 'head to the heart' in Trust:
Hi Jeannie;

Just wanted to say that since the beginning of the calls, there has been a shift in the "being" that I was to "that" that I am.  There is a deeper sense of peace where in accepting what is and not fighting "it" or resisting "it".

Trusting "that" and knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be has really allowed me to remain in that space that I am. Often I fall back into the "world" but knowing what I know, I know all is well and it always works out for the best regardless of how I see it in that moment.

Thank you for awakening my heart and allowing my mind to start dissolving into the heart.

Going Deeper-allowing Insight & Courage to Lead her:

Thank you for giving me the insight of (courage) to ask myself deeper questions to release, I didn't know how to go deeper. You are razor sharp with your wisdom!  Ps.you don't beat us up for asking questions!Ha ,ha! Love you.
FL New York

Gratitude to Releasing Life Challenges...& Simplicity:

Eureka!  Jeannie Fitzsimmons is the best.  I’ve benefited from many live retreats and teleconferences in the past five years in three other release communities. Releasing has brought me much relief from suffering as well as tremendous joy; it has made my life worth living which was no small challenge this past year after being the primary caretaker for a dying former husband and having been diagnosed with cancer in November. I’ve been through surgery, chemo-therapy and started radiation last week. Ultimately, all of these challenges have become blessings with the assist of my releasing practice.

However, I have often found the robotic and/or soporific nature of many exercises in other groups often hindered my progress. Investing much energy into releasing resistance to releasing exercises struck me as counterproductive as well as ironic. I was also put off by the achievement mentality and excessive money emphasis of one group, autocratic leadership of another, and the effete tone of another.

I was delighted when one of my partners sent me information about Jeannie. Nine days into her thirty day program I’ve experienced progress without resistance.  Gains in difficult family dynamics and other relationship and medical issues have ensued. I love Jeannie’s approach to dealing with any fear. She not only helps you release but teaches you her methods, thereby reducing dependency or any tendency to set herself up as the consummate guru.

Her own training has been varied –which I also appreciate. She doesn’t just mouth one litany. This independence attracted me to her initially. She is as good as her word. I was skeptical that much could be accomplished in thirty minutes a day. I was wrong.  Two close friends who are also releasing partners are  on this call with me; I know them better now and our releasing practice has improved.

Jeannie’s natural wit, lyricism, feisty nature and no nonsense pragmatism are refreshing. Nine days has made a difference; I wouldn’t miss the next twenty-one for the world—even if it is an illusion. :)
SN New York

Wash Away Pain...Turbo Charging Releasing Abiliry:

"Simply astounding. In all my years of immersion in self improvement technologies, working with Jeannie Fitzsimmons is the closest thing to magic I've experienced.  Weeks of ongoing roiling emotional pain was washed away in an hour.  I've been working with releasing for several years to great effect, but working with Jeannie turbo-charged my ability to let go.  This resulted in my having the first truly good day in months.  Thank-you Jeannie."

Goosebumps and Releasing with Simplicity:

Dear Jeannie,
Your calls made my body shake and have goose-bumps, because I knew what you were speaking was true to my bone. I have been a releaser for many years, and more than anything, caught in the choices, complexities, and multiple ways I thought there were to release. I found that it was all a distraction and the simplicity was hidden in all of that static. Nothing wrong with who I studied with, but I love your simplicity and right to the point, without all of those choices.

My mind used to love the choices, but I found I was addicted to trying to figure out just 'which one' would 'do it for me'. What a crock...sorry, but that is what I felt. I have let that 'sacred cow' of overwhelming choices go, and will see you on the calls this month. 
Thanks for shaking me up. I needed it.
Gratefully...you are an asset to any releasing community and student of freedom!
UR  Anonymous Friend and Ongoing Student

Tranquility...What Problems?
Dear Jeannie:
Words cannot express my deepest gratitude for the Tranquility and the Peace that has remained with me since my personal call with you.

In the most simplistic loving gentle way you guided me to my own intuition for the answers to my "problems" and the "beingness" has since prevailed and I am truly in gratitude for your wonderful presence in my life.  I am really looking forward to your new series that you are going to start on April 15, 2010.

In Gratitude

ONE MONTH Releasing Challenge--Long Term Benefit!

Hello, Jeannie.
I'd like to thank you again for your one month releasing challenge in September 2008. When I received your LinkedIn request, I reviewed my notebook of that challenge and found that

(1) I was in fact getting along a lot better with my coworkers but
(2) I was reverting to releasing on intellectual "why"s rather than the feelings themselves. So there's something for me to be aware of...and maybe someday I'll even get around to letting go of the argument with Reality!

My best wishes (and gratitude) for you. --

You were my 911 for Spiritual Emergency Finally Happy Now:

I was in a 'spiritual emergency' when I met you with Kundalini tearing my body and mind to shreads. I had do SO much work with so many masters, I didn't know what to do and was STUCK. Following the death of my mother, I was distraught, and lost...for she and my care for her over many years, was my life. Now I had to live my own.

As a long time student of many traditions and lover of God, I was in crisis in a way I didn't know how to get out of it. Thank you for taking me by the hand. My life is happy, my friends and new partner have given me a new life in all ways. 

I can live my own now, and know I deserve to be happy too.
Jan G

Surrendering the Chip On My Shoulder:
Hi Jeannie,
OK I admit it. I had a chip on my shoulder. I had studied with everyone, taken everyone's releasing courses, have the books, the audios, Lester's tapes...which I listen to, but they didn't give me the answer I was looking for 60 years later than when he recorded them. I was so mad when I came for what could YOU tell me about letting go that I didn't already know?

You are a great 'dame', no not a 'Dane'...Well, I am happy to say that being an 'old dog' and 'veteran' releaser, almost sunk me, and without your heart, and patience with me, I wouldn't have seen what was really in my craw...bothering me. 

I appreciate your wisdom, and directness...and I apologize for taking a hike that one afternoon, when I just couldn't face myself...but now that is all behind me, and you welcomed me until I had the courage to see it for myself. 

Thank you for 'teaching this old dog new heart-surrender un-tricks. Best way I can say thank you for helping me move from my head TO my heart! Wow.
Name Withheld

I love Self-Inquiry...yes, but I still got bugged!
Dear Viveka,
Until I flew in to take your intensive retreat, I had no idea how much I was just stuck in my head and spinning in all of my own self-judgment. I have done self-inquiry for many years but just didn't get out of my own way, even though I was able to be in silence and see a lot. I would still get 'bugged' by things.

After my week with you, my life became alive, vibrant, and I haven't looked back, which was the problem in the first place. Thank you for your sharp wisdom and not letting me get away with my old safety tricks...that were keeping me imprisoned in 'what I already thought I knew' from all of the study I have done for over 30 years. I see I am the 'book' and the answer is in me.

This was eye and heart opening...and I cannot begin to have enough gratitude to tell you how my life has changed, and my heart has opened. Adya was right, you were the 'thunderbolt in my life. Thank God for your devotion to Love and to Truth.

In Love with Freedom,

Sharp sword is OK...it worked, and well, you are a HOOT!
(I know you as that, from the classes in the Bay Area...) I love the small and intimate retreats and intensives up there.

You are a hoot! I love your theatrical way of reflecting like a hot and playful mirror, what I am experiencing in my own being. You are like watching a shapeshifter as you work with others.

I wouldn't have stayed as attentive without your humor, and laughter--it is like you have eyes in the back of your head--as my mom used to say when I though I got away with something. Your wisdom is sharp but it didn't hurt...the only thing that hurt me was when I would hold on rather than let go.

Thanks for walking me back to being simply,...Joe. (not the plumber)
Joe D

PRIVATE CLIENT...Releasing just 1 thing absolutely changed EVERYTHING!

When I came to work with you privately, I was recovering from massive life change, a break up, work and business loss, creativity shambles, and dogs that were angry at me for leaving my 20 year marriage. I knew that if I could just get ONE thing quieted down in my life, I would remain sane. It worked, and everything began to tumble into loving place, with my partner, my animals, and my own creative spirit. I can breathe, and I know I CAN let go when I need to.

As a strong guy, I am 'paid to KNOW things'.

In great gratitude for your 'sword of wisdom' for this life...for I thought I knew it all already, and beat everyone over their heads with it. Thanks for grabbing that stick out of my hand. I thnnk you, and my friends thank you, too. I will be putting the word out, for you walk your talk. Now I can, too, and we have become friends, rather than enemies as we each go into our own independent lives.  I needed you to straighten me out.  

In Gratitude for what you have dedicated your life to,
Russell..and not my Terrier (who has stopped nipping me now)

I wanted to end on Russell's humorous note: My work is for 'inspiring you to surrender'...

I hope these heart-notes have touched you, and I welcome you to join me whenever you feel the time is right.

To your liberation, and joy of living an enlightened and awakened life!
Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons  'The Great Dame' :)

Welcome: New May testimonials--my heartfelt wish for your freedom...
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