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Jeannie's Women's Transformational Empowerment events, CORE Releasing Trainings,  Specialist in Clear Seeing and Natural Vision Improvement, Transformational Retreats through HeartWisdomSeminars, offers her very feminine and heart-centered, empathic approach, for seekers, wishing to come Home. It is 'releasing from the heart'.  We, as women are beginning to more actively let go of the masculine mold that we have aspired to our success through, and to more from our Divine Feminine and joining other women in that alignment and leadership.  Licensed as an instructor, plus years of life and 'direct' experiences'  has been the foundation of her teaching. It has developed over the past  30 years, through her love for Truth, simplicity, and for the Divine silence. Through guidance of many Masters and guides around the world...her journey and love of living a more passionate, awakened, and service-filled life, broke her heart wide open-- and after recovering from cancer in 2009, life took another turn toward the Re-Awakening of the Divine Feminine! Jeannie calls these guides and gifts in her life, her  "Beloved Reflections"  also the name of her first book--poetry from the heart....

      JEANNIE Welcomes You Home:) 

to Come Home to your own Awakened Heart and True Inner Security!

JOIN ME EVERY DAY at 5 PM PST, for the entire month---everyday.. on the PHONE--to transform YOUR life, heart, and point of view--to love-alone! 
Do you need a bit of tweaking of your Self-Trust and Surrender?
COME daily or work with me privately!  All is Well!

for powerful transformation, remembrance of 'how to surrender'' in your life, and a return to love, I continue to offer private retreats, tele-classes, and spiritual mentoring for guiding you to your own life of Emerging Feminine and Self-Mastery.

I  am writing, working with private clients on SKYPE and the phone, enjoying this life of beauty, about to begin my small, intensive retreats once again. I am also getting back into the sunlight after being sequestered inside for nearly 2 years writing.

As children, we were often told---if we didn't feel well "Get out into the sunshine and play, you will feel better"---remember that from when we were all kids?

Consciousness is arising, in all corners of the globe, and it needs you for the WHOLE of love to express itself.  As a long time facilitator and spiritual mentor/guide and retreat leader, I am inviting you to come to this very special and life-accelerating event...for your own freedom and happiness.

for a few dollars a day...release with me, for your surrender through releasing from the heart!

The Art of Surrender...yes it IS an art of the heart:
Beginning on JUNE 1st, 2010 Join us for:
30 Days of Self-Trust & Surrender for True Freedom.
Are you open to moving forward, and deepening? The sooner you join me, the
sooner your heart opens and the happier you become.  "Truthtelling is the Key and Surrender is the result...with Love blossoming as the fragrance"

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I invite you to join me as often as you can during this next month June 8-July 8th, get to know how I work, and discover how I may be able to serve, guide and help you along your own inner journey. Everyone's schedule is unique, and we have busy lives, so I am leaving it up to you to join us. Remember the call WILL be locked out right at 5 PM PST every day beginning this next THURSDAY at 5 PM if you come, be committed to be on time or a bit early. This time I will NOT be taking roll call...but only those who register for the month-long event will be given the new conference call in information.

My life is devoted to this Truth, and there is nothing more that I have to offer but to help people have clarity and move into the courageousness that is their own. As someone who has had so many life experiences, I can simply be a mirror for you, and reflect, question, redirect your mind towards your inherent Wisdom, help you gain more clarity, and courage, to live more awakened--purposefully remaining in your True Nature of Love.

I live and work simply, and enjoy small groups, which is what I have always chosen as an instructor and facilitator...small retreats, and deep work.  Soon I will be having LIVE Awakened Heart (TM) retreats and weekend events again, as well.

This 30 Days of dedicated to your freedom, ease, self-love and Self Recognition. It is about more heartwisdom awakening.

Our freedom is in our own hands and heart, regardless of want our life circumstances look like, or the events in our lives. This month long opportunity such as this, is a way to surrender, in the moment, and let go of what is keeping you away from your own happiness. Whether you have taken or know anything about releasing is not necessary, for I work in a way that is natural to every soul, and your own heart and feminine wisdom.

Eventually, we must toss all methods, techniques, practices away, and simply 'be in the total acceptance of yourself, first, and then all that is'. Living in 'the flow of surrender'. If an action needs to be taken to actually change something we are freer to do so, when we are clear.

So, I invite you to take only 30 miutes a day to join me and others, for clarity, and surrender.


For this SPECIAL 30 Day Tele-Seminar Event ...remember you can come and go, as your schedule permits...but the more you attend, the more issues in life, natural letting go, and opening of your heart for Self Realization, can occur.

The Truth is: there is nothing you need to DO to be who and what you are...but we DO often need to STOP and see what WE are holding onto, that is causing us suffering--and surrender it..

Join me...share your own heart, tell the truth, and I welcome the opportunity to serve that Truth, and your own Freedom to live in that Love and Truth you Are

30 Minute Daily Surrender...Worldwide Calls
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Welcome Home!

      "In the midst of the storms of life, is always Love...nothing is as it appears." 
                  "The ongoing unfolding of an awakened heart, is a
    fragrant flower, blessing everyone as its petals continue to open,"
                       Jeannie 'VIveka' Fitzsimmons, Founder AwakenedHeart (TM)

          The Secret Is Surrender...Letting Go!                          the Divine Feminine, the Power of Eternal
Love within your own Being, and the courage to live a free,
present, unencumbered awakened life--your True Security.
      Licensed Releasing Instructor, offering Transformational Seminars,
                              Retreats, and Intensive Workshops Facilitator 
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